Executive Lifeline Services

VNP understands the challenges of running non-profit organizations.  VNP can provide quality consultation at the most affordable price because VNP uses a variety of virtual applications to provide solutions online. These tools reduce travel expenses and ease scheduling to give you answers when you need them. Our services include strategic planning, grant writing/fund raising, board development, executive searches, accounting, budgeting and more!



Do you know what is the largest source of funding for non-profit organizations?  Do you know how to access this funding?  What does your organization's case statement look like? What is the ROI on your fundraising efforts?  What is your organization's funding diversification and is it in healthy balance? These are all issues with which we can assist.

Grant Writing

Our grant writers are professionals with documented success in receiving awards at the local, state and federal level.  VNP develops proposals for  both private and public funding sources.  More importantly, VNP will work with you to develop your project so it is achievable and realistic.  With VNP, there will be no surprises when you receive an award. Call us for a free quote on your proposal.

Strategic Planning

Many non-profit organizations operate in reactive mode as opposed to proactive. The priority of the organization is determined by the crisis of the day as opposed to a defined strategic plan based on accountability.  VNP is here to assist in developing a realistic strategic plan that will become your road map to success. Utilizing the SCOPE planning method developed by VNP, we will assist in identifying proactive goals and outcomes while still offering solutions to better deal with the crisis of the day.

Program Development

VNP has more than 25 years of successful program development.  Unlike other non-profit consultants, VNP has spent a quarter of a century actually working with and running successful non-profits.  We can help with all aspects of program development consisting of : design, evaluation, securing start-up funding, staffing, marketing, data analysis, and expansion.  Have a new idea for a great program call us and let us help make you make your idea a reality so you can do what you do best...help others.

Nonprofit Start-Up

VNP can provide references for numerous organizations for whom we have achieved nonprofit incorporation and federal 501(c)3 exemption status.  Starting a new non-profit can be daunting and working through the federal application paperwork is a complicated venture for beginners. VNP can help shorten non-profit start up times and help you avoid common mistakes in forming your organization. Call us to inquire about this service so we can show you how in the long run we can save you both time and money!

Free Executive Videos

Each month VNP will post a fresh training clip to cover a specific issue or challenge faced by non-profit leaders. These clips are are designed to be short and to the point.  We hope you find them helpful.  Have an idea for a clip shoot us an email at info@virtualnonprofit.org.

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